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About the Minister for Justice Response 2019

07 05 2019: The Minister for Justice and Equality Responded Ref: MIN/2017/527: I am directed by the Minister for Justice and Equality, Mr Charlie Flannagan, T.D. to refer to your correspondence received last year.  I would first like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere apologies for the delay in responding.

You will recall that I undertook to request a Garda Report on the matter, which is now at hand.  I am informed that the Garda National Road Policing Bureau is not in a position to examine your research.

You will appreciate that the Minister has no direct role in the enforcement of road traffic Legislation, which is an operational matter for the Garda Commissioner.  However, the Minister recognises the extensive research that you have personally undertaken of this important issue and thanks you for your commitment to road safety maters. Signed Private Secretary to the Minister for Justice and Equality.

09 05 2019, I responded Your Ref; MIN/2017/527; With respect, There is a difference of 1.53 seconds 50 metres in stopping distance between that outlined by Deputy Commissioner John Twomey and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris. Minister Flannagan you are Minister for Justice and Equality and should not condone this.  It appears there may be collusion, malpractice and possible corruption at Roads Policing.

Gardai are crashing 600 of their 2,500 cars annually and Garda drivers are sent to jail for dangerous driving causing death.  If you and the Gardai cannot deal with this, it may be matter for the courts, as Gardai are 97 years investigating road fatalities.

What is the name of the member of the Garda National Road Policing who is not in a position to examine my research, which only takes 48 seconds 800m to 120 km/h?

There are two more fatalities so far this year when compared with 2018. I have already provided you with my research. The aim of my research is to eliminate all road crashes worldwide, not just death and injury crashes.

14 05 2019, Reference: DJE-MO-02300-2019, Minister Charlie Flannagan responded; I write to acknowledge receipt of your correspondence dated 09 05 2019.

  • At 31 05 2019 there were 15 more fatalities in Ireland than in the same period in 2018.
  • Drivers cannot be trained with dual controls in 12 EDT Lessons; cars cannot be stopped in the braking distances outlined by TRL since 1946.

Rear-end Crashes

On 19 05 2019, in an interview with Geraldine Herbert, EcoEye presenter Dr Lara Dungan describes an accident in which she was crashed into as, “I’ve been crashed into before but thankfully it wasn’t my fault.  I was driving through Ranelagh in Dublin and a Taxi pulled up suddenly to pick up a passenger without indicating.  The car behind him managed to stop, and so did I, but the poor lady behind me wasn’t able to and she ran into me and pushed me into the car in front”, but

  • The RSA outlines driver reaction time before braking as 0.67 seconds 10 metres at 50 km/h as compared with the 2.20 seconds 31 metres outlined by Gardai.
  • TRL is the source of both formulas.
  • The Driving ScoreCard System 10 to 120 km/h is designed to train drivers worldwide to similar standard or their speed limitation, while
  • The Driving ScoreCcard Research 1 to 300 km/h is designed to assess the standard and speed limitation of medical practitioners, rule makers, roads, cars and their drivers.