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About The RSA Penalty Point Contradictions

 RSA Penalty Point Contradictions

The Road Safety Authority RSA is mistaken in having 65 penalty point offences, with 9 relating to safety belts, incurring 3 penalty points and a full-time unit demonstrating how to fit safety belts. Failing to turn left on entering a roundabout or entering a one-way street incurs 1 penalty point and driving the incorrect way on a motorway incurs 2 penalty points.  There are 3 penalty points for failing to obey a 3 second amber light time and for failing to leave a correct distance from the car in front although the correct distance is unknown.  The RSA direct that EDT MUST be taught in 12 hours, outline driver reaction time as 0.67 seconds 22m at 120 km/h compared with the 2.20 seconds 73m outlined by Gardai.  The list of contradictory penalty point offences from the RSA web site is as follows:

150 years of road fatalities 17Note; Drivers who receive penalty points are barred from gaining specialised positions at the RSA and Roads Policing as well as from driving positions in many companies and incur increased insurance premiums.

Based on RSA statistics, Penalty Points do not reduce road crashes.