Road crashes resulting in death, injury and damage are with us for 150 years since 1869, but continue as the British Government allowed the use of dual controls in tuition cars in 1900 and the use of the incorrect Transport Resesarch Laboratory TRL stopping formula in the Highway Code since 31 07 1946.

TRL and the British Government are not now prepared to admit to their mistakes for financial, legal or other reasons, so road crashes resjulting in death, injury and damage continue.

The Driving ScoreCard System based on VBOX measurements is accurate to within 2cm, may be used worldwide and establishes the standard and speed limitation of rule makers, medical practitioners, roads, driving instructors, driving testers, cars and their drivers to a speed of 120 km/h in 48 seconds 800 metres.

  • Drivers cannot be trained and tested with the aid of dual controls in 30 km/h areas and cars cannot be stopped in the braking distances outlined by TRL since 1946.
  • The aim of my research is to eliminate road crashes, not just death and injury crashes.
  • I invite the British Governments Highway Code, TRL and TRLs 1,000 customers in 145 countries worldwide to disprove my research findings by demonstration, while using VBOX.

Frank Cullinane