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About the Author

About the Author

I witnessed fatal crashes, investigated and researched over 1,000 fatal road crashes, covered over 2,000,000 kilometres as an emergency service and civilian driver and passenger. I discovered that almost all road crashes resulted in one or more drivers failing to brake to a stop in available time and distance. 

In 1997, when a police driver stopped having left a tyre mark on the road, 7 metres before and 20 metres after impact with a 3 years and 11 months old child I first realised that the Rules of the Road stopping distances in Ireland were incorrect and copied from the Highway Code by the Minister for Local Government in 1957

Between 1957 and 2019, responsibility for the Rules of the Road switched from the Department of Local Government to the Department of Environment and is now the responsibility of the Department of Transport, with the Transport Research Laboratory TRL outlined as the source of 5 different incorrect stopping formulas.

Frank Cullinane