The Driving ScoreCard Invitation
Frank Cullinane

Invitation to the British Government, TRL and Others to

Disprove my Research Findings by Demonstration


British Government

  • The RT Honourable Chris Grayling MP

Transport Research Laboratory TRL

  •  TRL Rosemary Hill
  • TRL Linda Cooke
  • Karen Lees
  •  Iain York
  • AR Quimby and GR Watts
  • Richard Cuerden
  • Rob Wallis
  • Who is the SRA provided to the RSA by TRL?

Highway Code

  • John Doyle
  • Gareth Llewellyn
  • Karen Lees
  • Liz Court

Driver Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA

  • Emily Spencer
  • Jenna Howell
  • Sue Parker

Road Safety Wales

  • Jo Stevens

Road Safety Authority RSA

  • Velma Burns RSA Research Department
  • Maggie Martin RSA Research Manager
  • Michael Brosnan EX Garda Inspector and RSA Research Manager
  • Michael Dolan Ex RSA Chief Driver Tester, Theory and Rules Section
  • Michael Comer Ex Chief Driver Tester
  • Moyagh Murdock RSA CEO
  • Liz O’Donnell RSA Chair
  • Gay Byrne Ex RSA Chair
  • Noel Brett EX RSA CEO
  • John Caulfield Ex Interim CEO RSA
  • Eddie Rock Retired Assistant Commissioner and RSA Board Member
  • Caroline Green RSA Principal Engineer
  • Brian Farrell and A Regan RSA Landmark Reports
  • Brian Farrell Communications Manager & RSA Expert
  • Michael Rowland RSA Director of Road Safety & Driver Education
  • RSA member in charge of 17 incorrect Drinking and Driving Theory Questions
  • Dr Charles Johnson Competence Assurance Systems,  EDT & IBT Designer & Reviewer
  • RSA member in charge of Purchase Order Department
  • Rod king 20 is plenty RSA Speaker
  • RSA member in charge of National Car Test not conducted in accordance with EU Regulations
  • RSA member dealing with Conflict of Interest RSA, NSAI, INAB NCT, Gardai
  • RSA member who allows dual controls to be used in tuition cars
  • RSA member who allows driving tests of ability to control speed of 120 km/h in 50 km/h area with ramps dictating 10 km/h 
  • RSA Crashed Lives Campaign Designers Ireland
  • White Flag Campaign 1999 Liz O’Donnell, Bobby Molloy, Carten Finnegan, Gay Byrne and Fergal Quinn.

Road fatalities 9 Countries

  1. Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. Great Britain
  4. South Africa
  5. USA
  6. Australia
  7. New Zealand
  8. France
  9. Germany

Queensland Transport

VBOX is accurate to within 2cm

  • TRL, RSA, Garda and Government members who prevent the use of accurate VBOX  measurements


  • Nick Lloyd RoSPA Road Safety Manager for England

Broadcasting Authority of Ireland BAI

  • Ciarán Kissane, Roger Woods, Sinead Owens, Richard Brennan and Marie Murphy.

Health and Safety Authority

  • Deirdre Sinnott HSA Senior Inspector

Garda Roads Policing

  • Assistant Garda Commissioner A/C William Murphy incorrectly claimed, pedestrians and cyclists were cause of road fatalities in 1927
  • Garda Tony Kelly Garda Traffic, Roads Policing Department uses TRL 2.20 second driver reaction time before braking
  • Patrick Kennedy Garda Research Department
  • Gurchand Singh Garda Research Department
  • Chief Superintendent Aiden Reid Roads Policing
  • Deputy Commissioner Juhn Twomey Ex Roads Policing
  • Commissioner Martin Callinan
  • Commissioner Drew Harris
  • Commissioner in charge of Garda Car Crashes Department and Driving School
  • Assistant Commissioner Michael Finn
  • Chief Superintendent Aiden Reid
  • Sergeant Colm Finn Roads Policing
  • Sergeant Shane Henry Roads Policing
  • Chief Superintendent B. Corcoran
  • Assistant Commissioner Eddie Rock
  • Garda Responsible for Changing Collision Prone Zones to Speed Collision Zones, WHY?
  • Garda responsible for removing fatal crash statistics twithou explanation 1922 - 1960 and since 2011, WHY?
  • Traffic Blues and Garda Press Officer John Ferris
  • Superintendent D. O’Brien Roads Policing
  • Garda Ombudsman Commissioners who may use different TRL stopping formulas to that used by Gardai
  • Justice Mary Ellen Ring
  • Kieran Fitzgerald
  • Patrick F Sullivan 
  • Nick Harden Senior GSOC Crash Investigating Officer, TRL stopping flormula used 
  • Samantha Clinton GSOC
  • Assistant Commissioner Gerard Philips
  • Assistant Commissioner David Sheahan Roads Policing
  • Garda Derek Cloughley Roads Policing
  • Chief Superintendent Mark Curran
  • Unnamed Garda Transition Year Student Trainer, providing incorrect information
  • Policing Authority
  • Annie X O’Malley
  • Clare Kelly
  • Note: 08 11 2016, Annie O’Malley was Secretary of the Garda Code of Ethics meeting and Gardai were represented by Chief Superintendent Margaret Nugent, Director of Training and Development, Superintendent Pat McCabe, Garda College, Superintendent Fergus Dwyer, Internal Affairs and Grainne Shortall, HEO Policing Authority Liaison Officer, all using different TRL stopping formulas.

The Garda Inspectorate

The Garda Inspectorate fulfils its objective by carrying out inspections or enquiries on the operation and/or administration of the Garda Síochána.  The three Inspectorate members, as ex London Metropolitan and Police Service of Northern Ireland PSNI Police Officers use the  incorrect TRL designed Highway Code stopping formula based on a 0.67 seconds reaction time, with braking distances for one-way roads and beyond emergency standard, introduced by Parliament on 31 07 1946.  Gardai now use the 1981 TRRL1004 AR Quimby and GR Watts stopping formula based on a driver reaction time of 2.20 seconds and also with braking distance for one -way roads and beyond emergency standard.  There is a differece of 1.53 seconds 51 metres when stopping from a speed of 120 km/h between that outlined by Gardai and the Garda Inspectorate.  The Garda Inspectorate members are;

  • Mark Toland Chief Inspector, Ex London Metropolitan Police
  • Pauline Shields Deputy Chief Inspector, Ex PSNI 
  • Hugh Hume Deputy Chief Inspector, Ex PSNI

Project Edward and TISPOL President

  • TISPOL, is part funded by the European Commission, a  European Traffic Police Network, while Project EDWARD seeks to bring together everyone with an interest in reducing the number of people killed on our roads, but it has not achieved this and the President was aware of my reserch discovery since 2007,

  • Aiden Reid Chief Superintendent and President of TISPOL

Driver Policy Northern Ireland

  • Richard Jordan Department of Infrastructure

Police Crash investigators

  • Ireland
  • Northern Ireland
  • USA
  • Worldwide

Neuroscientists Discoveries

  • Marois and Dux discovered 'brain bottlenecks'
  • Sarah-Jane Blakemore discovered 'The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent brain'
  • Rule makers refused to accept their discoveries as fatalities continued

Dail Public Accounts Committee

European Union EU Commissioners Present and Past

  • European Commission
  • Europe Direct
  • European Transport Safety Council ETSC Antonio Avenoso
  • European Commission Vision Zero 2050
  • Violet Bulc EU Commissioner
  • Jean-Paul Repussard European Commission
  • Mr Slim-Callas, Vice President European Commission

Coroners Offices Countrywide Ireland

Coroners misled by Gardai using the TRL 1981 AR Quimby and GR Watts stopping formula and the Road Safety Authority who use the 1946 TRL designed stopping distance formulas introduced by Parliament on 31 07 1946, include as follows:

Mr. Eugene O'Connor, Portloaise

Dr. Mary P. Flanagan, Castleblaney

Dr. Martin J. Watters, Emyvale

Ms Isobel O'Dea, Ennis

Mr John O’Dea, Mr Philip Comyn Cork city.

Dr. Michael Kennedy, Co. Cork

Dr. John OBourke, Co. Cork

Mr. Frank O'Connell, Co. Cork

Dr. Lawrence Martin, Deputy Coroner, Co. Cork

Mr. Frank O'Connell, Co. Cork

Sarah O'Keeffe, Co. Cork.

Dr. Denis McCauley, Co. Donegal

Ms Dearbhail Mulhern, Donegal Town

Dr Myra Cullinane, Dublin 1

Dr. Crona Gallagher, Dublin 1

Dr. Richard Joyce, Co. Galway

Mr. Patrick A. Burke, Co. Galway

Dr. Val Costello, Co. Galway

Dr. Ciaran MacLoughlin, Co. Galway

Mr Ciaran MacLoughlin BL, Dublin 6

Ms. Helen Lucey, Co. Kerry

Ms Aisling Quilter, Co. Kerry

Dr John Chute, Co Kerry

Ms. Helen Lucey, Co. Kerry

Dr. Denis A. Cusack, Co. Dublin

Dr. Loretta Nolan, Co. Kildare

Mr. Timothy Kiely, Kilkenny

Mr. Brian Kiely, Kilkenny

Mr. Eugene O'Connor, Portlaoise

Mr. Gerry Meagher, Portlaoise

Mr Eamon MacGowan, Sligo

Mr Fergal T Kelly, Sligo.

Mr. John McNamara, Limerick

Ms. Elizabeth Richardson, Limerick

Dr. Niall Donohoe, Co. Longford

Mr. Frank Gearty, Longford

Mr. Ronan Maguire, Co. Louth

Ms Ciara Maguire, Connolly Maguire Solicitors, Co. Louth

Mr. Patrick O'Connor, Co. Mayo

Mr. Paul Cunney, Deputy Coroner, Co. Mayo

Dr. Eleanor Fitzgerald, Co. Mayo

Dr. Joseph Gilvarry, Co. Mayo

Mr. Nathaniel Lacy, Co. Meath

Ms Donna Kerrigan, Co Meath

Dr. Martin J. Watters, Co. Monaghan

Dr Mary P. Flanagan, Co. Monaghan

Dr. Mary P. Flanagan, Co. Monaghan

Dr. Martin J. Watters, Deputy Coroner, Co. Monaghan

Mr. Raymond Mahon, Co. Offaly

Mr. Desmond P. O'Connor, Co. Roscommon

Mr. Brian O'Connor, Co. Roscommon

Mr Eamon MacGowan, Mr Fergal T Kelly, Sligo

Mr. Joseph P. Kelly, Co. Tipperary

Mr. Joseph P. Kelly, James Kelly and Sons Solrs, Co. Tipperary

Mr. John P. Goff, Waterford

Gerard O'Herlihy, Waterford City

Dr. Eoin Maughan, Co. Waterford

Dr. J. P. O'Keeffe, Co. Waterford

Dr. J. P. O'Keeffe, Co. Waterford

Dr. Eoin Maughan, Co. Waterford

Mr. Raymond Mahon, Co. Offaly

Dr. Sean M. Nixon, Co. Wexford

Fiona Reynolds, Co Wexford

Mr. Cathal Louth, Co. Wicklow

Dr. J.W. O’Connell, Co. Wicklow

Dr. Andrina O'Brien, Acting Coroner, Co. Wicklow

Dr. Brendan O'Brien, Deputy Coroner, Co. Wicklow

Local Councils Ireland

Local Councils who set incorrect speed limits, amber/yellow light time at 3 seconds in all speed limit areas and then install ramps are misled by Gardai and the RSA who use different stopping formulas, but they are misled by TRL and British Government stopping distance formulas and include Local Councils as follows:

Carlow County Council (link is external)

Cavan County Council (link is external)

Clare County Council (link is external)

Cork County Council (link is external)

Donegal County Council (link is external)

Dun Laoghaire / Rathdown (link is external)

Fingal County Council (link is external)

Galway County Council (link is external)

Kerry County Council (link is external)

Kildare County Council (link is external)

Kilkenny County Council (link is external)

Laois County Council (link is external)

Leitrim County Council (link is external)

Limerick City & County Council (link is external)

Longford County Council (link is external)

Louth County Council (link is external)

Mayo County Council (link is external)

Meath County Council (link is external)

Monaghan County Council (link is external)

Offaly County Council (link is external)

Roscommon County Council (link is external)

Sligo County Council (link is external)

South Dublin County Council (link is external)

Tipperary County Council (link is external)

Waterford City & County Council (link is external)

Westmeath County Council (link is external)

Wexford County Council (link is external)

Wicklow County Council (link is external)

City Councils

Cork City Council (link is external)

Dublin City Council (link is external)

Galway City Council (link is external)

City and County Councils

Limerick City and County Council (link is external)

Waterford City and County Council

Speed Detection Cameras

  • Derek Rafferty, police and Expert Groups who Reviewed Speed Detection Cameras

Universities Worldwide Misled by the British Government and TRL include

  • Dublin City University
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • Monash University

Penalty Point Department Minister Ross Ireland

In 2019, police performance is judged on the number of penalty points issued, but with 20 more fatalities in 2018 than 92 years ago in 1926 and road fatalities 10 higher so far in Ireland in 2019 than in the same period in 2018, it is clear that penalty are 'Revenue Raisers' and not 'Road Safety Measures'.  If Governments want money let them put tax on fuel or other items but not penalise young people with penalty points for travelling 1 km/h over the speed set by the police Radar Gun and incorrectly timed amber traffic lights. Penalty points on a driving licence bar drivers from joining some police and other employments and driving positions while insurance premiums are increased.  Why should Ireland have differnt penalty point systems to that used in Germany and other countries? 


  • Government Road Safety Strategy
  • The Irish Senate
  • Courts, District, Supreme Courts
  • Marie Whelan Attorney General
  • Seamus Woulfe Attorney General
  • Government Ministers
  • Phil Hogan Environment
  • Pascal Donohoe Transport
  • Shane Ross Transport
  • Richard Bruton Environment
  • Charles Flanagan Justice
  • Simon Harris Health
  • Noel Dempsey Transport
  • Leo Varadkar Transport
  • Francis Fitzgerald Justice
  • Alan Shatter Justice
  • Heather Humphreys Business, Enterprise and Innovation
  • Katherine Zappone Children and Youth Affairs
  • Eoghan Murphy Planning and Local Government
  • Joe McHugh Education and Skills

National Transport Authority NTA

  • Michael Aherne Head of National Transport Division NTA
  • Anne Graham CEO NTA

Road Safety Officers

  • Noel Gibbons Mayo

Amber Traffic Light Time 3 seconds

  • Alexi Maradudin designer of incorrect amber light time formula in 1959
  • Minister Eoghan Murphy Planning and Local Government with overall responsibility for amber traffic light time
  • Deputy Commissioner John Twomey, you allow 2.20 seconds reaction, while amber light time is set at 3 seconds in 80 km/h areas.
  • Commissioner Drew Harris, please correct the mistake or alternatively demonstrate how this may be complied with.

Royal College of Physicians Ireland Traffic Medicine 1654 - 2019

Professor Desmond O’Neill Royal College Physicians Ireland RCPI is responsible for leading the development and implementation of a national framework for standards in traffic medicine in Ireland.  This cannot happen successfully as, he is misled by Gardai, the Road Safety Authority and Health and Safety Authority, on stopping distances, alcohol checkpoint tests, road traffic fatalities, injury and damage crashes as outlined earlier.

When the Medical Bureau of Road Safety MBRS discovered the overreporting by Gardai of Mandatory Alcohol Tests by 1.5 million, Gardai claimed, “There was no career advancement or other obvious rewards to be gained from engaging in this practice”, but threatened to transfer Gardai who failed to achieve quotas.  My research discovery sent by registered post 07 06 2019 to Commissioner Drew Harris was not allowed to reach him.

I discovered on 25 05 1997 that the Rules of the Road stopping distances in Ireland are incorrect, designed by the Transport Research Laboratory TRL, introduced by Parliament in the Highway Code on 31 07 1946 and they are now unable to locate the formula.  TRL refered me to their client the RSA, who refered me to TRL.  In 2007 Gardai changed to the incorrect TRL AR Quimby and GR Watts 2.20 second driver reaction time stopping formula.

Professor Desmond O’Neill, I request that you examine the Coroner’s Report by Dr. Brian J. Farrell on the death of Christopher Moore 3 years and 11 months on 25 05 1997, who was fatally injured when struck by a car driven by Garda Raymond Grafton who stopped 20 metres after impact. 


Professor Desmond O’Neill I request that you observe as each member of your team or a random selection of team members from each organisation attempt to disprove my research discovery by demonstration while using VBOX, the world’s most accurate recorder of speed in time and distance. 

The aim of my research is to eliminate road crashes worldwide by establishing the standard and speed limitation of rule makers, roads cars and their drivers, now and not by 2050.  The Driving ScoreCard System and Research can do this.   Your team is listed as follows:

Dr Ann O'Shaughnessy, Head of Professional Affairs

Dr Declan Bedford, Chair, RCPI Working Group on Traffic Medicine 

Mr Declan Naughton, Director of Driver Testing and Licensing, Road Safety Authority

Mr Martin McNulty Road Safety Authority           

Ms Miriam Scott Road Safety Authority

Lorraine McGurk Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport

Ms Helen O'Reilly Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport                  

Mr Conor Faughnan AA Ireland 

Asst Prof Tadhg Stapleton Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland         

Dr Declan Whelan Faculty of Occupational Therapy         

Mr Martin O'Brien Association of Optometrists Ireland  

Prof David Williams Clinical Pharmacology           

Dr Paul Fearon College of Psychiatry of Ireland   

Prof Denis Cusack Coroners Society and Forensic and Legal Medicine Medical Bureau of Road Safety

Dr Paul Guéret Faculty of Occupational Medicine              

Chief Superintendent Finbarr Murphy Garda National Roads Policing Bureau       

Ms Deirdre Sinnott Health and Safety Authority

Dr Doreen Fagan Health Products Regulatory Authority 

Mr Steven Young Hermitage Medical Centre       

Dr Eugene Wallace Irish Association of Rehab Medicine                 

Dr Gerry Lane Irish Association for Emergency Medicine

Ms Emma Goodall Irish Association of Orthoptists            

Dr Edward Keelan Irish Cardiac Society  

Dr Sean O'Callaghan Irish College of General Practitioners            

Dr Gerry Cummins Irish College of General Practitioners

Dr Ide Delargy Irish College of General Practitioners        

Ms Patricia Logan Irish College of Ophthalmologists         

Mr Sean Chen Irish College of Ophthalmologists

Dr Graham Roberts Irish Endocrine Society          

Dr Norman Delanty Irish Institute of Clinical Neuroscience           

Mr Derek Bennett Irish Institute of Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

Mr Stephen McMahon Irish Patients' Association              

Dr David Robinson Irish Society of Physicians in Geriatric Medicine

Prof Walter McNicholas Irish Thoracic Society    

Mr Connor O'Leary Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland     

Colm Lawless Programme Coordinator, National Office for Traffic Medicine

Dr. Margaret Ryan Programme Manager, National Office for Traffic Medicine

Vision Zero 2050EC

Rand Organisation Michael D Rich

National Safety Council

Department for Infrastructure Sweden


Road crashes resulting in death injury and damage appear to result in a source of revenue for many who have no desire to change or eliminate road crashes.  Police after 150 years of road crash investigation are credited with 'a return of work' for issuing one in four of the drivers in Ireland with penalty points, closing roads, delaying the general public and allowing the Accident and Emergency Departments to be overcrowded with the dead and injured.

Having made my discovery in 1997 that the Highway Code stopping distances in the Rules of the Road in Ireland were incorrect and drivers could not be trained to a safe standard in 12 hours with the aid of dual controls; The Gardai, although they had their own research departments, often took 12, 18 or 24 months to respond to my queries or often failed to respond as some retired and others led me into cull-de-sacs in other organisations.

These cull-de-sacs are outlined in my research and include Gardai referring me to the Department of Environment, Road Safety Authority RSA and Transport Research Laboratory TRL.  TRL referred me to their client the RSA, who referred me to TRL who prepared a new stopping formula for SRA, not RSA. The Highway Code referred me to the USA, the British Government referred me to the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA, who referred me to the Highway Code..

The situation appeared to get even more complicated as the European Commission EC referred me to Europe Direct ED who failed to deal with the issue and were guided by TRL as the National Standards Agency of Ireland and the Irish National Accreditation Board failed to deal with the mistakes.

After 150 years of police crash investigation and 72 years of road safety advertising in cinemas, radio and television, I was referred to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland BAI by the RSA and advertisers. The BAI simply agreed with the RSA, advertisers and Gardai, but declined to disprove my research findings by demonstration. 

The BAI members do not have an appeals system, be drivers or licence holders, so; Is road safety steeped in collusion, malpractice and possible corruption as those involved in red light and speed detection camera enforcement are sent to prison.

If this is the case will Ministers for Transport Shane Ross and Justice Charles Flannagan allow these mistakes to continue and pass to the next generation of Government Ministers in Ireland and worldwide?

The aim of my research is to eliminate road crashes worldwide, What is your aim?

Frank Cullinane