Road Crashes, Causes and Prevention

Press Release for the attention of:

The Ministers for Justice and Transport Helen McEntee and Eamon Ryan, Gardai, RSA and others 10 11 2021

TRL and the UK Government Misleads the World on Stopping Distances 1946 - 2021

Police worldwide have investigated road crashes resulting in death, injury, and damage for 152 years since the death of Mary Ward in the world’s first road fatality in 1869, and now promise 'Vision Zero' by 2050 when one third of the world's population may have died fromn natural causes.

In 2021, road crashes continue because the Transport Research Laboratory TRL, while owned by the UK Government designed the Highway Code stopping distances which are used almost worldwide but were introduced by Parliament on 31 07 1946, based on an incorrect stopping formula as follows:

  • A driver Thinking Time of 0.70 seconds before braking, which should be done in Anticipation
  • Braking Distances beyond emergency standard, rather than normal braking for normal driving
  • Braking distances for one-way road traffic only, although 2 opposite drivers require 2 distances in 1 Time.

In 1997, I designed the Driving ScoreCard System based on VBOX measurements to prove my discovery to a speed of 120 km/h in 48 seconds 800m. My research at shows that the UK Government and TRL refuse to accept responsibility for their mistake, while TRL is now privatised, and the UK left the EU.

On 19 01 1995, Numberphase Limited, Company Number: 3011746 was Registered at the UK Register of Companies Office and on 14 06 1995. The name Numberphase Limited was changed to the Transport Research Foundation TRF. TRF Limited was established to acquire the business and assets of the Transport Research Laboratory TRL. TRF acquired the entire share capital of Intercede 1165 and changed the name to TRL.

On 31st March 1996, the Transport Research Foundation TRF entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with the Secretary of State for Transport and purchased TRL from the UK Government for the sum of £4.25 million.

The now privatised TRL, with many incorrect stopping formulas for most of their 75 years, have 507 employees, over 3,500 Reference Books, mislead their 1,000 clients including 145 Governments, the EU, Police and Researchers. The TRL stopping distances from 120 km/h provided to the Police Service of Northern Ireland PSNI, RSA, Gardai, EU and Monash University Accident Research Centre MUARC differ by 1.50 seconds 51 metres.

By 2021, retired Police had joined TRL, the RSA, Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission GSOC and Garda Inspectorate as experts. Retired PSNI and Canadian Police Officers became Garda Commissioner, Deputy and Assistant Commissioner, with all using different TRL stopping distances, so road crashes continued.

High ranking Police Officers on retirement set up Speed Detection and Red-Light Camera Companies which they called ‘Road Safety Support’, using TRLs Reference Books and Sponsored Road Peace to raise funds for counselling the bereaved while failing to correct TRLs stopping formula mistake, the root cause of road crashes.

Garda road crash statistics fail to stand up to scrutiny. The 1922 to 1961 road fatalities and Government Road Safety Strategies 1998 to 2002 and 2004 to 2006 are removed from Garda and RSA Records and the 5th Road Safety Strategy is withheld from Government, as 1 in 4 drivers receive penalty points.

The World Health Organisation WHO, use TRLs Reference Books and Research but report 1.35m road fatalities worldwide each year including an average of 1,755 in Great Britain or five fatalites each week.

The Legal and Financial consequences are far reaching for the UK Government, TRL and TRLs 1,000 clients in 145 countries who failed to correct the stopping mistake, including the Gardai and Road Safety Authority RSA.

I request that the Minister for Justice Helen McEntee and Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan correct the UK Government and TRL stopping mistake in the Rules of the Road, Essential Driver Training EDT and Initial Basic Training IBT in Ireland or disprove my findings by demonstration while using the Driving ScoreCard System based VBOX Time and Distance measurements, which are accurate to within approximately 2 centimetres.

Frank Cullinane is a road crash investigator and researcher, at

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