Road Fatalities a TRL Mistake 1946 - 2021

Press Release Frank Cullinane 26 11 2021 - World Day of Remembrance Ceremony 2021

Road Fatalities a TRL Mistake, a Source of Income for Some, and a Return of Work For Police in 2021

Road crashes resulting in death, injury and damage are investigated by Police since 1869 and continue in 2021 as the Transport Research Laboratory TRL while owned by the UK Government, designed the worldwide stopping distances based on an incorrect formula introduced by Parliament in the Highway Code on 31 07 1946.

  • Ireland copied the mistake in advertising in 1949 and the Rules of the Road in 1957 and this is the reason fatalities continue.

TRL outlined driver Thinking Time of 0.7 seconds before Braking, which should be done in Anticipation, braking distances beyond emergency standard for one-way roads, which should have allowed normal braking distances for one-way road drivers and 2 distances in 1 Time for opposite direction two-way road normal braking drivers.

I designed the Driving ScoreCard System to prove my discovery in 48 seconds 800 metres.

On 30 03 2006, or 137 years after the world's first fatality in 1869, Darren Price 18 years was fatally injured in a head-on collision with a lorry. Darren's mother Donna disagreed with the decision of the Gardai, State Solicitor, and the Director of Public Prosecutions DPP who examined the evidence on two occasions, and concluded there was no basis for a prosecution.

On 15 09 2012, Donna Price set up Irish Road Victims' Association IRVA, Registered Charity Number 20100070 and on 08 01 2018 was appointed Road Safety Authority Board Member. By 2021, Donna Price was promoting Chief Superintendent Andy Cox who raises funds for the UK RoadPeace, as the RSA were failing to provide information for basic requests.

It was my opinion that there was a conflict of interest in Donna Price serving as an RSA Board Member while a Trustee and Chair of Irish Road Victims' Association IRVA, having failed to accept the decision of the Gardai, State Solicitor, Director of Public Prosecutions DPP and the Coroners Court and Jury on 21 03 2012.

I brought my research at to the attention of Donna Price RSA Board Member and the RSA and the Garda Commissioner Drew Harris but they failed to respond.

The World Day of Rememberence for Road Traffic Victims was first held in the UK 28 years ago in 1993 which was 47 years after the UK Government owned TRL designed the incorrect Highway Code stopping distances which were introduced by Parliament on 31 07 1946.

On 21 11 2021 #WorldDayofRemembrance ceremony took place in the Museum of Literature Ireland. Donna Price did not attend but the RSA Chair Liz O'Donnell and RSA Chief Executive Officer CEO Sam Waide ran the Event in her absence, while Chief Superintendent Michael Hennebry Garda National Roads Policing Bureau (GNRPB) was in the audience and

The Transport Research Laboratory TRL provides the RSA and Gardai with different stopping formulas.

Should the RSA Officials run an Organisation established by Price who disagreed with the decision of the DPP and others?

It took me 24 years since 1997, to realise that there may be Collusion, Malpractice and Possible Corruption at TRL, GRPU and the RSA where there is no desire to eliminate road fatalities or it may be a fear of the consequences of admitting to such a basic mistake.

Frank Cullinane is a road crash investigator and researcher, at

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