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TRL Misleads the Irish Government for FifthTime on Road Safety Strategy 2021 - 2030

Press Release by Frank Cullinane 16 12 2021 - TRL misleads the Irish Government for Fifth Time on Road Safety Strategy 2021 - 2030

For the Special Attention of Eamon Ryan Minister for Transport and Minister for Justice Helen McEntee, as

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris and RSA Chief Executive Officer CEO Sam Waide decline to respond.

On 14 12 2021, Our Journey Towards Vision Zero Ireland’s Fifth Government Road Safety Strategy 2021–2030, was launched by Minister of State in the Department of Transport, Hildegarde Naughton, who was misled by Sam Waide, Road Safety Authority Chief Executive Officer CEO, Liz O’Donnell RSA Chair and Drew Harris Garda Commissioner. However, they were misled by the Transport Research Laboratory TRL on stopping distances.

Road crashes almost worldwide are because, on 31 07 1946, the UK Government owned Transport Research Laboratory TRL made a mistake in designing the Highway Code stopping distances for one-way roads only, with Thinking Time before Emergency braking distances.

The Co-operative Crash Injury Study Software CCIS, of fatal and injury crashes with TRL as the Project Manager lasted for 27 years 1983 to 2010 and was unpublished. Phase 8 had 5 Sponsors, Department of Transport, AutoLiv, Nissan, Toyota and Ford, and TRL established EuroNCAP.

The UK Government Road Accident in-depth studies RAIDS Research analysis have 2 contractors, the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) and the Transport Safety Research Centre at Loughborough University.

On 31 03 1996, the UK Government sold TRL to TRL through the Transport Research Foundation TRF for £4.25 million. The UK left the EU and TRL now misleads their 1,000 clients in 145 countries, including the Police Service of Northern Ireland PSNI, Gardaí, Road Safety Authority RSA, EU and others with 3,500 Reference Books.

I discovered the TRL mistake on 25 05 1997 and designed the Driving ScoreCard System based on VBOX measurements to prove my discovery. TRL and the Gardai referred me to the RSA, the UK Government referred me to the USA, while under Freedom of Information Gardaí, RSA TRL and UK Government will not respond.

TRL is the source of the Highway Code and Rules of the Road 0.70 seconds Reaction Time before braking while providing Garda Road Collision Investigators with 2.20 seconds Reaction Time in 2007 and 1 or 2 seconds as outlined to me by Gardai on 02 12 2021, Reference Number GNRPB_5-333842/19 and RPCE_3-33842/19.

Retired Police join TRL and set up Speed Detection Camera Companies. When two retired Gardai joined the RSA, they changed from 2.20 seconds Reaction Time 73m before braking at 120 km/h to 0.70 seconds 22m.

When Drew Harris became Garda Commissioner, he was now in charge of the Garda Collision Investigation Unit outlining TRLs 0.70 seconds 22m, 1.00 second 33m, 2.00 seconds 66m or 2.20 seconds Reaction Time in Distance before braking at 120 km/h.

These figures were confirmed by Superintendent Thomas Murphy Garda Roads Policing Bureau GRPB on 02 12 2021 as the figures used by Accident Investigation Training Services AITS UK. The Organisation established by two retired Police Officers using TRLs incorrect Highway Code stopping formulas and distances since 1966 and training Gardai.

Our Journey Towards Vision Zero Ireland’s Fifth Government Road Safety Strategy 2021–2030, after 152 years of Police road fatality investigation with 99 years by Gardai and 15 years of Driver Training by the RSA, like the Hierarchy of responsibility for road users in the Highway Code will fail until TRLs mistake is corrected.

I invite rule makers worldwide to disprove my discovery by demonstration while using VBOX.

Frank Cullinane is a road crash investigator and researcher, and

Author of the Driving ScoreCard System based on VBOX measurements, designed to be used worldwide

My research is outlined at drivingscorecard.com

16 12 2021