The Driving ScoreCard System

The Driving ScoreCard System 10 to 120 km/h is designed to train and test drivers worldwide to similar standard, or each drivers speed limitation, over a 3 year period and without the aid of dual controls. The Driving ScoreCard Research 1 to 300 km/h is designed to prove that the Transport Research Laboratory TRL designed stopping formula designed for the Highway Code and introduced by Parliament on 31 07 1946 is incorrect and a root cause of road crashes resulting in death, injury and damage for 73 years. In 2019, TRL misleads the RSA, Gardai and their 1,000 clients in 145 countries worldwide with 5 incorrect stopping formulas. I invite the British Government, TRL and their 1,000 clients in 145 countries worldwide to disprove my research fimdings, by demonstration while using VBOX, the world's most accurate recorder of speed in time and distance.