Vision Zero 2019 – 2050

European Commission Vision Zero 2019 – 2050

 26 03 2019: The European Commission Tweeted and the RSA retweeted; “We want to move close to Zero fatalities and serious injuries on our roads by 2050”.

Ant150 years of road fatalities 16onio Avenoso the Executive Director of the European Transport Safety Council ETSC in an interview with Sean O’Rourke on RTE Radio claimed, that according to the Transport Research Laboratory TRL in the UK, Intelligent Technology will save at least 25,000 lives on EU roads, over next 15 years.

The Road to Zero, a Vision for Achieving Zero Roadway Deaths by 2050 was prepared by the Rand Corporation for the National Safety Council NSC by Liisa Ecola Steven W. Popper Richard Silberglitt Laura Fraade-Blanar. 

The National Safety Council NSC is a nonprofit organization established 107 years ago in 1912, while the RAND Corporation is a nonprofit research organization established in 1948. The RAND’s publications do not necessarily reflect the opinions of its research clients and sponsors

In 2019 a nonprofit Organisation NSC, established 112 years ago, Sponsors a nonprofit Organisation RAND, established 71 years ago, who use 79 Reference Books, 95 Organisations and engage 905 Coalition Members to design Near Vision Zero in 31 years’ time is a misunderstanding of road safety.

  • By 2050, approximately one third of the world’s population will have died from natural causes or be under the age allowed to drive while most cars will be autonomous.
  • Is this an attempt to cover up the 73-year-old TRL Highway Code mistake on stopping distances?

Road to Vision Zero by 2050

The contributors to the Road to Zero Research thanked by Rand included Organisations which had failed to eliminate road fatalities in the past 157 years as follows:

International Association of Chiefs of Police established 157 years ago  in 1893.

Highway and Auto Safety established 1989

American Automobile Association (AAA) established 1902

American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) established 1914

Institute of Transportation Engineers established 1930

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators established 1933

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety established 1959

Association of Global Automakers established 1965

U.S. Department of Transportation established 1966

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance established 1980

Swedish Transport Administration who began Vision Zero 24 years ago in 1995.

Road To Zero Coalition Steering Group established 1997

Governors Highway Safety Association established 1966

Intelligent Car Coalition established 2013

International Association of Chiefs of Police established 1893

Mothers Against Drunk Driving established 1980

National Association of City Transportation Officials established 1996

National Association of County Engineers established

National Association of State Emergency Medical Service Officials established 1970

Vision Zero Network established 2019 and many more, but

These Organisations have used many incorrect Reference Books and the Institute of Transport Engineers ITE used for 60 years the incorrect formula for the Amber/Yellow Trffic Light Time:

The 1959 Problem of the Amber Signal Light in Traffic Flow by Denos Gazis, Robert Herman, and Alexei Maradudin Research Laboratories, General Motors Corporation, Warren, Michigan was designed for straight through traffic at maximum speed and fails to allow time for slower or turning traffic.  The mistake results in 90% of red light penalty points being issued to drivers who slow to turn left or right or to avoid pedestrians, cyclists or other obstructions. This Reference Book is used by the Gardai, Road Safety Authority in Ireland and many more, while MATS JÄRLSTRÖM has taken the case to the courts, with a view to rectifying the mistake.

MATS JÄRLSTRÖM, Plaintiff Vs  Defendants CHRISTOPHER D. ALDRIDGE, WILLIAM J. BOYD, DAREN L. CONE, SHELLY MC DUQUETTE, JASON J. KENT, LOGAN T. MILES, RON SINGH, DAVE M. VAN DYKE, SEAN W. ST. CLAIR, AMIN WAHAB, and OSCAR J. ZUNIGA JR., in their official capacities as members of the Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering and Land Surveying. RE: Amber light time.

  • VBOX is used by JÄRLSTRÖM during his research.
  • Cars cannot be stopped in the braking distances as outlined by TRL since 1946. I invite TRLs CEO Rob Wallis, engineers worldwide and the President and CEO of Rand Corporation Michael D. Rich to disprove my research findings by demonstration while using VBOX, the world’s most accurate recorder of speed in time and distance.

Frank Cullinane                                        

About TISPOL and Project Edward

In 1996, or 23 years ago, TISPOL the European Traffic Police Network Organisation, which is part-financed by the European Commission was established to improve road safety on the roads of Europe.  TISPOL launched its three-year Strategic Plan in 2015 and launched Project Edward, a day without a fatality on Europe’s roads in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. TISPOL Challenges for the future and the European Commission’s target of a 50% reduction in road fatalities will not now be achieved by 2020, so Near Vision Zero by 2050 was launched.

TISPOL failed to eliminate road fatalities in the past 23 years of their Projects and Project Near Vision Zero by 2050 is launched by the EC, so what is different about Near Vision Zero by 2050?

  • TRL and Richard Cuerden have misled TISPOL and the European Commission on stopping distances, so Road fatalities continue

2016:  Project EDWARD, was supported by the Gardai and RSA in Ireland and by;

  • Garda Chief Superintendent Aidan Reid TISPOL President
  • Shane Ross Minister for Transport Tourism and Sport
  • Nóirín O’Sullivan Garda Commissioner
  • Pearse White, Director, Road Safety Authority
  • European Commission EC
  • European Transport Safety Council ETSC
  • Traffic police forces from across TISPOL’s 30 member countries
  • GEM Motoring Assist, but

They are all misled on stopping distances by TRL.

2017:  Project EDWARD PLEDGE, was supported by the Gardai and RSA in Ireland and;

  • Roads Minister Jesse Norman MP
  • PACTS Chairman Barry Sheerman MP
  • Scottish Transport Minister Hamza Yousaf MSP
  • the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)
  • the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC)
  • Road Safety GB
  • Road Safety Scotland
  • IAM RoadSmart
  • Highways England
  • The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
  • GEM Motoring Assist was established in 1932 as a road safety association.
  • No one died on the roads of the UK, Ireland, Spain and 11 other participating countries on 21 September 2017. 43 people died on Europe’s roads on 21 September 2017, the same as for Project EDWARD Day in 2016.
  • As 150 road users died in 365 days in Ireland in 2018, there were approximately 215 days without a fatality.

2018:  Project EDWARD, was supported by the Gardai and RSA in Ireland and;

  • Paolo Cestra TISPOL President
  • Senior politicians, police chiefs, policy makers and road safety professionals
  • The European Commission for the third year running
  • European Transport Safety Council ETSC for the third year running
  • Violeta Bulc Transport Commissioner offers her personal support for the third year running.
  • Guardia Civil established in Spain 1844
  • Colette Curran, whose son Edward was killed in a road collision in Madrid
  • Sponsors included: Road Safety Support Ltd Not-For-Profit, Westcotec Ltd, Michelin, GEM Motoring Assist, IAM RoadSmart a registered Charity, Driving for Better Business (Highways England), Insure the Box and Sussex Safer Roads Partnership/Drive SMART, Ireland’s Road Safety Authority RSA, the Croatian Centre for Vehicles, the French fleet management company ALD Automotive and the German equipment manufacturer Vitronic.

Awards: Former TISPOL President Aidan Reid received a TISPOL Award for his outstanding contribution to road safety.  President Reid was aware of my research discovery since 2008 and failed to respond since 2017.

2019:  Project EDWARD, is supported by the Gardai and RSA in Ireland;

Chief Superintendent Aidan Reid, Roads Policing said: "We would ask every road user to support this year’s Project EDWARD. Simply go online to make The Project EDWARD road safety pledge. Every one of these pledges help to save lives, no matter how you use the roads.

Also supporting TISPOL and Project EDWARD is Ireland’s Road Safety Authority, whose Chief Executive Moyagh Murdock said that road users across Ireland were happy to get behind the initiative.


  • Driving cannot be taught in 12 EDT Lessons; cars cannot be stopped in TRL Stopping Distances.
  • Project EDWARD has not achieved its goal of a Day Without a Fatality and will not do so in 2019
  • The RSA is not going to achieve its Goal of 124 road fatalities set in 2013, for 2020, but who decided that it is acceptable to have 124 or any fatalities when TRL has misled 1,000 clients on stopping?
  • Vision Zero will not be achieved by 2050 or until the TRL mistake is corrected.
  • The Driving ScoreCard System is designed to eliminate road crashes worldwide.

The million road users fatally injured when struck by cars annually have included:

Christopher Moore 3 years and 11 months in 1997.

Darren Price 18 years in 2006.

Marsia Liegho 16 years in 2005.

Ciaran Treacy 4 years in 2014.

Jake Brennan 6 years in 2014.

Will TRL and the British Government now admit to their 1946 stopping formula mistake?
Or, alternatively disprove my research findings by demonstration whilie using VBOX.

Frank Cullinane