2.Executive Summary

Executive Summary

In order to eliminate road crashes it is necessary to establish why they occurred in the first place and continued for 148 years since 1869.  Road crashes have two causes in brain bottlenecks since 1900 and the incorrect Highway Code stopping distance formula used in Ireland and almost worldwide since 1946.

In 2005, I discovered VBOX the world’s most accurate recorder of speed in time and distance and wrote the Driving ScoreCard System for speed of 1 to 300 km/h.  It took 48 seconds 800m to discover that the Highway Code stopping formula is incorrect and the use of dual controls in tuition cars was a mistake made in 1900.

Research Laboratory results must be reproducible in other Research Laboratories by Researchers who have no motive to confirm or reject them. However, my research was rejected by crash investigators, the Highway Code, TRL, EU and others who changed statistics, removed research and declared VBOX illegal in tuition cars.

A brain bottleneck occurs at a speed beyond trained and tested ability when some drivers delay braking or steering in order to complete the operation of other car controls or telephone calls.  Police have investigated and researched road crashes since 1869, which must now be the longest research in history.

The automatic walking step hand/foot movement is unsuited to driving as it causes some drivers to complete acceleration, indicating, eating, drinking, telephone operation or other such task before crashing as they fail to brake or steer while the Highway Code stopping formula braking distance is beyond emergency standard.

Having corresponded with those in charge of the rules on driving since 1997, I now invite any rule maker worldwide to disprove my research finding by demonstration while using the Driving ScoreCard System based on VBOX time and distance measurements, accurate to within 2cm and with a result printout.

Frank Cullinane 2017