6.Highway Code

The Highway Code

On 27 07 2012, Karen Lees confirmed that the Highway Code stopping distance formula has been lost to history and referred me to American sites using different formulas and on 02 08 2012, John Doyle at the Department for Transport UK confirmed the reply by Karen Lees.

The Highway Code, developed from the 1924 National Safety First Association NSFA book, published the first stopping distances in 1946 based in an incorrect formula which was copied and used almost worldwide. The formula is designed for one-way roads, anticipation is outlined as driver reaction time, braking distances are beyond emergency standard and with longer distances rather than lower speed limits outlined for wet roads.

The NSFA became the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents RoSPA, which is a registered charity with Her Majesty the Queen as a Patron.  On 21 09 2016, Mr Nick Lloyd RoSPA Road Safety Manager confirmed that RoSPA has not researched the stopping distance formula, but promote the advice in the Highway Code and if I thought the code was incorrect to contact the Department for Transport UK.