It is the automatic walking step hand and foot movement which prevents some drivers from steering or braking until observation, indicating, mobile phone use or other tasks are completed. In Brain Bottlenecks, since 1896 and Incorrect TRL Stopping distance formulas since 1946 there are 2 root causes of road crashes.

Learning to drive safely is a 3 year course, preferably between 14 and 17 years of age and without the aid of dual controls.

Driving cannot be taught in 12 Essential Driver Training Lessons EDT, while cars cannot be stopped in the stopping distances outlined by the Transport Research LaboratoryTRL.

I invite TRL, RSA, DVSA, crash researchers and others worldwide to disprove my research findings by a 48 second demonstration while using the Driving ScoreCard System based on VBOX time and distance measurement with a result printout.

Avoiding Crashing Saves Lives

The aim of my research is to eliminate road crashes worldwide

Frank Cullinane 2017