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Press Release – Road Crash Causes – and Prevention by Frank Cullinane 03 01 2024,

The Driving ScoreCard System

Frank Cullinane

03 01 2024.

Road Crashes – Cause – and Prevention.

Based on my research of road crashes resulting in death, injury and damage which were investigated by Police under different names worldwide for 155 years 1869 - 2024, road crashes are because:

1.        Drivers are incorrectly trained with the aid of dual controls in 12 hours and tested in 30 km/h areas, while

2.        Using TRLs incorrect one-way road Emergency Braking Distances after Thinking Time since 1946.

The Road Safety Authority RSA established by Government in 2006 continued to allow driving to be taught with the aid of dual controls and in 2024 have used TRLs incorrect stopping in the Rules of the Road for 18 years.

TRL is the Transport Research Laboratory which was established and owned by the UK Government in 1933, privatised 63 years later in 1996 and with 1,000 clients in 145 countries worldwide 28 years later in 2024.

TRL made a mistake in designing the Highway Code stopping distances for one-way road emergency braking standard after Thinking Time of 0.67 seconds, which was introduced by Parliament on 31 07 1946.

TRL established and helped establish many companies and later added 1, 1.5, 2- and 2.20-seconds Thinking Time before one-way road emergency braking, for normal driving and braking on one or two-way roads.

TRL is the source of the PSNI, RSA, Garda, and Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission GSOC stopping distances for Road Crash Investigators and that differ by 1.50 seconds 51 metres when stopping from 120 km/h.

Representatives of TRL and the UK Government are not prepared to admit to a 78-year-old stopping mistake which they inherited as this may lead to a raft of claims by the next of kin of those fatally injured on the roads.

The RSA engineers continue to use TRL as the source of the Rules of the Road stopping, redact their names from TRL Reports, while Gardai changed their Research to AITS an Associate College of De Montfort University.

However, AITS was established in 1996 by retired Police Officers, using TRLs Highway Code stopping distances.

Because of training drivers with the aid of dual controls, rather than training drivers to use the car controls and using TRLs one-way road emergency braking distances, rather than two-way road normal braking distances:

In Ireland in 2023, Gardai recorded 184 fatalities, 1,840 Serious injuries, approximately 200 injuries for each fatality, damage crashes are not investigated and 1 in 4 drivers get Penalty Points to prevent them from crashing.

In the first two days of 2024, Gardai recorded a further 3 fatalities and 30 Serious Injuries.

The Driving ScoreCard System, based on VBOX measurements, establishes the standard and speed limitation of rule makers, roads, cars and their drivers, to 60 km/h in 24s or 200m or to 120 km/h in 48 seconds 800 metres.

Frank Cullinane invites TRL and their 1,000 clients to disprove his findings by demonstration while using VBOX the world’s most accurate recorder of speed in Time and Distance.

·         The aim of my research is to eliminate road crashes worldwide, not just death and injury crashes.

Frank Cullinane is a road crash investigator who witnessed, investigated, and researched fatal crashes.

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